Saturday, May 26, 2007

When the protector destroys!

Ok.. this dramatic title is to point to point out this bug in the latest update of Symantec Antivirus. It thinks that two files necessary to windows are viruses and goes ahead to delete them, resulting in a windows crash and the feared "blue screen of death" (saying that a memory dump has been saved).

I spent a good part of the day trying to figure out the problem, blaming myself for incorrectly installing Ubuntu, until I managed to rule that out through some checks. When salvaged enough to run, Windows was able to detect that the problem was due to Symantec and say that Symantec is working on a solution. What followed was my first experience with trying to get help from "customer care" asking them about the nature of the problem and what can I do about it. I ended up being redirected from one number to another for 90 minutes, thanked them for their non-support and said I'd figure it out myself. What a fun day!

Finally, if you found that boring, here's a video of "Indian Superman" to atone for it:


Anonymous said...

Jesus died to atone for our sins. Exactly what kinda atonement is this video? After watching that video per your suggestion, I may never speak to you again.

madhurt said...

Apologies for the violence to your nerves. The video is certainly a gem when viewed from a certain angle though. Btw, I am unsure how to interpret the threat of an anonymous person not speaking to me again!?

Naresh said...

Gem of a video indeed. I can not understand that why the anonymous person could not appreciate the quality of humor in the video.
May be all anonymous commentators on blogs have an anonymous religion that was offended by the video.

Good choice though.

I just did observe that you returned to blogosphere after a long time, like the aliens who pay us very few visits on planet earth.