Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rising from the grave

I took the previous move of the government to heart and promptly disappeared from blogosphere (Of course, in reality I was just being too lazy to post!) For the people who had lost touch - I had a nice summer in Berkeley and then enjoyed a one-month trip back to India. Am now back to yet another semester and am sitting on the "other side of the bench". I am also officially a PhD student now after having managed to pass my prelims last week.

Among other things, I watched "Lage Raho Munnabhai" recently. The movie struck me as delightfully creative. Of course there are exaggerations at times, but the presentation of Gandhi-ism in a very entertaining package of gandhigiri is quite remarkable. The ending, which again seems to call upon Gandhi to be the saviour of the nation is not as satisfying though. In a sense, depending on a man who basically taught independence of thought and action seems a contradiction. However, the movie is amazing in many ways. I am currently reading "We, the people" which presents a somewhat different take on things.

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Naresh said...

I read a very good comment about lage raho - "It is ironic that we have locked up Mahatma Gandhi in institutions. The one thing gandhi ji hated was institutionalization." Thus the dialogue in Munnabhai - "Take me off every place that I am right now and just embrace me in my heart and I will be more than happy.", was remarkable in its delivery of the thought.