Saturday, April 22, 2006


Side effects of prolonged boredom a.k.a. computer architecture:

बेवजह देखता तू आसमॉं को क्यों खड़ा है?
सुबह हो जाए कल शायद, पर अॅंधेरा भी क्या बुरा है!

दिये मैं लौ अगर है बाकी तो अभी रात कहॉ,
जो मज़ा चलने में है, रुक जाने में वो बात कहॉं!


Naresh said...

Sir ji
When did you start Shayari? And how the hell do yu type in Hindi in Blogspot?? Please put fundaes.

madhurt said...

@naresh: I started with this post! :) And for hindi typing, enable utf-8 encoding in blogger and type the stuff in "yudit" (unicode text editor). I find it quite convenient as the keymap is almost entirely phoenetic.

Anonymous said...

this is so nice!u are gifted.the way u've presented your thoughts is remarkable...hmm dunno if this means anything to u ..but reading this has uplifted my spirits on a particularly tough day! God bless u and pls do keep posting!

madhurt said...

@anon: Glad to be of service :)